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Join us at Maitland Park for family, fun, friendly fitness. We race 8 times a year, usually on the 3rd Sunday of each month from September to April.


ADDRESS:      Maitland, NSW 2320

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Frequently Asked Questions

The beauty of triathlon is how easy it is to get started. It's very simple - you swim, you ride a bike, then you run to the finish line.

How many races per season?

MTC run eight races each season – one a month from September to April.

We usually race on the third Sunday of each month – see our Events page for more information on planned club races and events.

Can I try it before committing?

Triathlon Australia allows non-members to participate in three events in a season before being required to join as a member. You still need to register for the race as members do, and there’s a small additional cost for a single day licence.

Do I have to be really fit to do triathlon?

No! The beauty of triathlon is you only compete against yourself. Beginners are welcome, and the friendly and welcoming environment is the best possible motivation to get fitter.

Don’t wait until you’re fit to get started. We have shorter events for beginners and for anybody who wants to start off easy.

If you’re concerned about your fitness, consult a doctor prior to starting.

How often do I have to volunteer?

Members are expected to volunteer for Marshall duties at least once per season.

Awards and special events (handicap race) carry Marshall duty requirements for eligibility.

Where do you race?

MTC races from the open park area just to the East side of the Maitland Park Aquatic Centre.

We do our swim in the 50m pool, with our Splash ‘n Dash kids swimming cross-ways.

Our transition area and finish line are adjacent to the pool grounds.

Our bike leg heads out along Louth Park Road, turning about before reaching Buchannan Road. The senior race climbs the hill twice, the intermediate race just the once. Sub-Juniors and Junior athletes circle Maitland Park.

All of our runs are held around the periphery of Maitland Park, before returning to the finish line.

What events are available for children?

Children from three years of age are welcome to join our “Splash ‘n Dash” event.

In the Splash ‘n Dash the athletes swim across the 50m pool (approximately 20m), and run out of the pool grounds to the finish line near the transition area. No membership or registration is required for people doing the Splash ‘n Dash.

For registered children aged 7-9 years there is a sub-junior event, consisting of a 100m swim, 2km ride around the park, and a 500m run.

For registered children aged 10-12 there is the junior event, consisting of a 150m swim, 6km ride and a 1km run.

What events are available for teens and adults?

MTC runs two events for teens and adults.

The Intermediate race starts with a 250m swim, then a 12km ride and finished with a 2km run.

The Senior race is our longest event, starting with a 450m swim, an 18km ride and a 4km run to the finish line.

What equipment do I need?

The basics you need to race are:

  • Swimming costume
  • Swimming goggles (recommended)
  • Any bike and helmet that fits
  • Clothing suitable to ride and run in
  • Running shoes
  • Hat and sun protection (recommended)

We use electronic timing. You’ll be assigned an ankle timing chip prior to your race. You should strap it around your left ankle. The timing chips must be returned on completion of your race.

Can I buy equipment and merchandise at club events?

Club merchandise can be bought online. Our current provider is PRISM.

Our committee merchandise officers also keep some stock for sale at our events.

We do not sell equipment at our events, such as bikes, helmets, shoes, sunglasses etc.

Are refreshments available at club events?

Due to COVID-19 considerations we are currently providing simple hand-held snacks for recovery such as halved bananas or muffins etc.

Please bring your own water bottles, there will be a table on the run leg you can leave them on if you don’t wish to carry them.

Is coaching available?

MTC doesn’t provide coaching, but you’ll find plenty of encouragement and people willing to help you get started.

We have two fantastic coaches in our club who are also club sponsors. Speak to Aquaman Triathlon Coaching (Warwick Semit) or Just Dig Deeper Triathlon Coaching (Peter Hodgson).