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Join us at Maitland Park for family, fun, friendly fitness. We race 8 times a year, usually on the 3rd Sunday of each month from September to April.


ADDRESS:      Maitland, NSW 2320

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Race information & maps

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MTC Race Information and Maps

Maitland Triathlon Club (MTC) was formed in 1999 and celebrates their 23rd year in 2022.

Our races start and finish in the historic Maitland Park, with our transition area between Devonshire Street and the Maitland Aquatic Centre

MTC events are typically held on the 3rd Sunday of each month from September to April, with our April race being a special handicap event.

We are fortunate enough to have our own timing chip system, worn around the left ankle and returned after the event.

Our races start with a swim in the pool, before running out the side gate to the transition area. In the transition area you’ll grab your helmet and bike and head across to Louth Park Road, turning about before it terminates near Buchannan Road. The Junior and Sub-Junior events ride around the park circumference anti-clockwise.

Upon returning to the transition area you’ll rack your bike and start your run around the outside of the park.

Race day schedule

Please check final times at TeamApp or social media in case of any late changes.
Marshalls must arrive early to help set up and stay behind to assist packing up.

05:30amTrailer arrives & setup begins----
06:00amAll Marshalls due----
06:30amSub Juniors racked & ready----
06:30amJuniors racked & ready----
06:45amSub Junior100m2km500m7-9 y.o.
06:45amJunior150m6km1km10-12 y.o.
06:45amAll remaining racked----
07:00amSplash n dash25m-150m3+ y.o.
07:20amSenior (F)450m18km4km15+ y.o.
07:30amSenior (slow M)450m18km4km15+ y.o.
07:40amSenior (fast M)450m18km4km15+ y.o.
07:40amIntermediate250m12km2km13+ y.o.

Course maps

Click the below map images to view them individually.